"One Fine Day" | Kanakuk Kamps
"One Fine Day"

One Fine Day

I forgot most or all the lyrics but the title of this old 60s song has been playing in my mind over and over again today! This has definitely been one fine day.


The weather could not be more beautiful, mid 80s, clear blue skies, joyful and eager kids in the whole lot of “Kamp is changing my life for the better!” 

 When I think about all it takes to provide “One Fine Day” at K2, I simply stand amazed.  100 dedicated sold out counselors and leadership going all out for kids. 30 cooks and kitchen staff pouring out there love in front of the hot stove, ovens and sinks full of dirty dishes; two doctors and five nurses caring for everyone’s sore throat or headache, like it were the President’s child in their care; with 35 sports and activities , with rowboats, blob's and athletic balls then you couldn't pack into a dozen railroad cars; and 450 willing kids who want to pursue God and give it their best, every day .  But, most importantly the one God who created everything good and gives us his blessing to make this “One Fine Day” possible.