Gorgeous Day in the Ozarks | Kanakuk Kamps
Gorgeous Day in the Ozarks

Another gorgeous day in the Ozarks! My only problem with K-2 this summer is where is the time going and why do the days pass by so quickly?! I’ve been filming today and I just can’t tell you how happy these faces are! I hear exuberant screams into the camera like: “fun”, “crazy”, “exciting”, “friendships”, “amazing”, “inspiring”, “love”, “Jesus”,     “All Crepic” (kamp talk for Crazy-Epic) and “awesome”.

I talked to the boys this morning very frankly about the dangers and pitfalls of pornography and how to come clear and stay clean from this awful menace.  Way too many boys are looking at unfiltered iPhones. Their hearts are good. They want to get it right. We’ve got to help them by putting filters and accountability and boundaries on all those electronic devices.

Tonight Don Ford speaks at K-Life. He always does an amazing job of communicating truth. Good things are happening. The Bell is ringing. Keep praying for us.