The Vibe | Kanakuk Kamps
The Vibe

It's a beautiful "Fall Like" day in the Ozarks Today.  We love the "Global Cooling" we are experiencing this summer!!  I'm amazed how absolutely happy these 450 ­­teenagers  here!  I've checked in on lots of kids, both boys and girls to see how the tam is doing , how the cabins are getting along and how the fellowship are growing and I'm seeing nothing but smiles.  As one just told me "There's a vibe here that is so amazing.” I know that the vibe is the presence of God as we've turned out all the media, all iPad; iPhones, and tuning in to Christian Music and Fellowship.

These kids are bombarding with music in their teen culture at home.  They all love the breaks; I haven't had one kamper say, "Boy, I wish I had my iPhone or my instagram. 

The sounds of song birds, locust, the singing and laughing have replaced the madness of the electronic world.  I believe everyone welcomes the vacation.