Time is Going Way Too Fast | Kanakuk Kamps
Time is Going Way Too Fast

A beautiful POD Day in so many ways! The only thing more beautiful is the warm, 86 degrees, blue sky are the warm smiles on the campers wearing on their faces. I have asked several campers why they keep coming back to kamp. One camper quotes “My camp friends, are my best friends on earth”. Another said, “friendships here are true friendships. They are based on Christ, not on looks or how popular you are period”. Another talked about how friends bring out the best in you. Another camper talked about the freedom to be themselves. Several campers talk about “this is the place they grow closer to God.” Believe it or not, several kids have remarked about how free they feel from all the drama iPhones and social media.

You have loaned us great kids and we are thankful for you. Amidst all the sailing, skiing, tubing, blobbing, etc, etc, etc…that is going on all around me, the best part of this day is this: Hearts are shaping, molding, strengthening, and becoming more and more like Jesus.