Sunday at K2 with World Famous Coffee Cake | Kanakuk Kamps
Sunday at K2 with World Famous Coffee Cake

For 37 years Mary Anne Meese has been making her world famous Kanakuk coffee cake for "First Sunday" morning bite of Kanakuk :) happiness! It's not so much the coffee cake but the place in which it is made and the loving person in which has made it.

Opening day went off without a hitch! At 11pm that night the K2 Director, Shay Robbins, came to me and said not only is every kid in, but every kids footlocker and dufflebag has been delivered to the right cabin. I am always amazed by how the Lord oversees our opening days with hundreds of kids from all over the world somehow finding their way to bunkbeds by night fall. 

Sunday besides great coffee cake we had a great service. The afternoon was filled with lots of new adventures on waterslides, swimming pools, etc. Then we had a picnic and our first campfire filled with Indian dances and put all the new kampers in their tribes. For 89 years Kanakuk and the tribal tradition has been deeply loved by now over 300,000 kids.