Opening Day at K-2. Fully Charged! | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day at K-2. Fully Charged!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

We were so excited to see kids coming in on busses, airplanes and cars from everywhere across the U.S.A. arriving at K2 opening day!!!

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day; perfect for wave runners and boats. This was exactly how we brought them in! Our incredible and "Fully Charged" staff was waiting on the beach to enthusiastically welcome each kamper!  

Then the kampers met their counselors (a great celebration), unpacked, on to zipline, waterslides and pool. An evening beginning with dinner, then cabin skits, (I videoed each one and will show them on the Opening day video).

K-Life tonight, "Uncle Cecil" (about 92 years old...a make up character will show up at K-Life and do the opening rap..."Fully Charged") You can guess who's playing "Uncle Cecil" - never too old to have fun!

Truly a great day. Be sure and check out the Opening Day video. (Posted by 5:00 pm Sunday.) Be sure to follow us on twitter and catch our photos each day.

Appreciate your prayers!

Joe White