PODs, Cross Talk & More | Kanakuk Kamps
PODs, Cross Talk & More

This morning our After a beautiful Wednesday afternoon going caving, bluff jumping, hiking, rappelling, skiing, wakeboarding, waterslide, or any of 20 "special day activities."

We had an amazing Cross Talk last night where our K-2 Director, Shay Robbins brought a fantastic drama before the kids that I am sure they will never forget!

This morning our football and basketball kids went to Kids Across America for a live action scrimmage. ALWAYS a highlight of our summer. We competed hard and then prayed together and became friends. It was a beautiful reuniting of urban, rural, inner city - suburban kids as one body in Christ.

Back at kamp, 30 outdoor activities buzzed on as we wrap up a great two weeks!

Tonight is the "Purity Talk" at K-Life where, by God's grace, your kids will SEAL their commitment to moral purity.

Can't believe we're about to say goodbye. It has been nothing short of tremendous!!!

Grateful, Joe White