Crazy Weather, Great Day | Kanakuk Kamps
Crazy Weather, Great Day

Crazy Weather; Great Day! At it sprinkles on kamp this morning, I thank the staff for “being our sunshine”. My how true it has been! Then we prayed for the campers while they had a morning devotional. 1st period was inside (football to weight training, basketball to the K-Dome, everyone else to indoor games).

Then as it has been doing daily, the rain stopped and we played outside all day. Sixth period I was out with the football boys playing “get in shape” capture the flag. We finished a rambunctious game, put our cleats away, and then headed to showers (…and it started to lightly sprinkle again).

Tonight is a “Tundra Party”, and the rain stopped so I am heading to the beach to video the happy kids! Thank the Lord! Everyone is safe, havin’ a blast, and worn out from going hard.

Tomorrow is “POD Day” and the forecast is sunshine! Yippee! We’ll be going 30 different directions on land and water.

Great kids, Great term!