Rainy Days? - Won't Stop K-2! | Kanakuk Kamps
Rainy Days? - Won't Stop K-2!

Another rainy, fun day at K-2 for all of us! After last night’s western “hoe-down” where I got to teach line and square dancing, to my surprise I was teaching kids who had never done square dancing before! The kids were loud and happy. This bunch of teenagers really like everything they have been doing at kamp! I want to keep this group all summer! Today was a blast. There were three morning periods outdoors then light rain through lunch. The rain stopped for a little while, but we could still see some more tonight. There was one session of indoor games due to rain but no excitement was lost!

Tonight is K-Life with Adam Donyes, one of the Best-Teen-Inspiring teachers I’ve ever heard. He is one of the most dynamite men around! My how kids need to hear his message!

So Very Thankful!