Summer's First Stunt | Kanakuk Kamps
Summer's First Stunt

Every 28-day term the Komos take part in one of K-1’s most memorable tribal competitions called Stunt!!

For anyone unfamiliar with common Kamp lingo, Stunt is a large production made up entirely of singing, dancing and acting. The Kiowa and Kickapoo Princesses choose a theme and spend hours and hours putting together an original script sometimes months before they even arrive at kamp! But it’s the days leading up to Stunt that are filled with excitement! Kampers split into their tribes, receive their role in the production and begin to learn lines and dances immediately. Each tribe is given only a day and a half to rehearse but the final performances never cease to impress!

Here at K-1, we love Stunt because it gives kampers a clear picture of the Body of Christ and how important it is for us to work together as one! Teamwork is essential for Stunt to be a success, so each Komo is encouraged to help her tribal sisters out in any possible way, whether it be rehearsing lines, searching for costumes, or perfecting dance moves. We want every kamper to walk away knowing she has performed her very best and that she has an entire Kamp behind her, encouraging her as she glorifies the Lord with her hard work! 

So every term we turn Stunt into a camp-wide event! The Ponytail Express is packed out. Counselors dress up as “proud moms” to cheer on their cabins, the Kuks make the trek over to Kanakomo Hill and we make an evening of it!

This Sunday’s Stunt was the very first to go on in K-1’s new Ponytail and there couldn’t have been two better performances for its christening!


The Kickapoos took the stage first and beautifully intertwined the Gospel into the Tangled storyline, reminding the audience that they are Sons and Daughters of the High King! The Kiowas’ based their performance off of Disney’s Mulan and pulled in their audience with humor, creativity and the reminder to be strong and courageous in Christ. Both tribes worked extremely hard to put their shows together but at the end of the night, the Kickapoos walked away with this month’s Stunt victory.

We are so proud of all of these kampers for working as diligently as they have to make this summer’s first Stunt so amazing! It is truly remarkable what is produced when the Body of Christ works together to glorify the Lord!