PARTY DAY. | Kanakuk Kamps

Kampers anxiously await those two words. They mean it is finally time to show off their carefully strategized costumes to the world! And there can never be too many penguins, snow princesses and pirates running around K-1! Term One has already enjoyed two parties this week, Arktic Tundra Konundra and K Marks the Spot. Both parties were packed with skits and dancing, but party days are about much more than dressing up and eating themed meals. The weeks at Kamp fly by, but we never want a day to pass without a memory made. The special programs team works diligently to prepare the most unforgettable parties for our kampers!

The day after Kamp began we had our first party of the summer, the Arktic Tundra Konundra! On the morning of the party, Kamp woke up to hot chocolate, marshmallows and a Frozen soundtrack. Kuk and Komo Kabins were paired up later that day and competed to see who could create the best snowman out of their counselor. To finish out the Arktic party right, a “snowstorm” (aka foam dance party) blew into Kamp at the end of the evening!


Yesterday, Kamp was hit full force with another party! K Marks the Spot began later in the afternoon but don’t worry, Captain Crunch was still a cereal option at breakfast! Once the party began, Kabins travelled from station to station together to dig for buried treasure, walk the plank, or escape the inflatable crocodiles infesting the lake. They worked as a team to complete the activities and collect tokens they would need for a special event later that night. After each crew finished the stations, they headed to Apache Field for a picnic dinner followed by a treasure hunt! The treasure map took each kabin on a search for the K that marked the spot of the final event. And by the end, every kabin found the treasure at the pool and settled in for a dive in movie! Party days are some of our favorites at Kamp, but we want to take advantage of each day we are given with these kampers to make memories that will last far beyond the summer!


Our lives are easily impacted by big events or “party days”, and those occasions truly help shape us, but it is the menial, day-by-day activities that make up the fabric of who we are. As you walk today, embrace every single moment you are given, even if it feels small and without importance! Don't miss out on any chances to make your days count.