Opening Day! We are Fully Charged Here at K-1! | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day! We are Fully Charged Here at K-1!

First term has begun and we are FULLYCHARGED here at K-1! This has been the most anticipated day since the gates closed last August and now it has finally arrived! It feels so right to have a full camp again!

Opening day gives Kampers a small glimpse into the excitement they will experience in the weeks to come but today was especially energetic! The special programs team set up a designated Hype Zone in the middle of the K-Dome to greet Kampers as they arrived. We desire for every K-1 Kamper to know just how thrilled we are to have them here so they were each asked a few questions and introduced to their awesome counselors in front of the entire camp! As cabins began to fill, they were given the rest of the afternoon to get to know each other and be the first to play in our brand new pool! It was a wonderful afternoon and a great start to the term!

These next two weeks will be filled to the brim but we thought there would be no better way to start the summer than a picnic up at Apache Field followed by K-Life! The skits were spot on and the energy was ecstatic, but it was Matt Houston’s talk that set the tone for the entire summer. Matt broke down what it means to be Fully Charged. When we try to recharge our batteries with things of the world, we only become drained more rapidly. But when we look to Jesus for our satisfaction, He fills us up and recharges us! This summer we are going to learn what it truly means to live Fully Charged because of Jesus! He is the only One who satisfies and sustains us! We are so excited to learn and grow in our relationships with Christ together! This summer is going to be incredible!