It's Almost Time!!! | Kanakuk Kamps
It's Almost Time!!!

Staff Training has been underway here at K-1 since May 18 and we are itching for Kampers to finally get here on Saturday!!  It’s been a long year since we closed the gates last August, but we brought in the country’s greatest staff to awaken Kamp from its 9-month hibernation.


This week has been jam packed with skits, orientations and dance parties as our staff prepares for the hype this summer will bring! There are always new faces on staff at Kamp so these past ten days, we’ve spent a lot of time sharing our stories and hearing how the Lord has worked in each life. One of our goals here is that every person would leave Kamp at the end of the summer knowing they are now part of the big K-1 Family. Staff Training is where much of the foundation for those familial ties are laid. We have loved learning about each other this week and watching how truly incredible the body of Christ is. God is so faithful to give us such unique gifts and dreams, and then call us individually to this place for the summer where we can use our talents all together. Kamp would be in a tough spot without all the hands and hearts of our staff working as one well-oiled machine. But right now Kanakuk is missing one very vital puzzle piece... KAMPERS!!! Kamp is just not the same without all our Kampers’ shining faces! The kabins are clean. The dining hall is spotless. The slip-n-slide has never been slipperier. Both ziplines are ready to go. And K-1 couldn’t be more ready to fling open its gates! Kampers and parents, opening day has nearly arrived so will see you soon!

Term 1 begins this Saturday, May 31, and the gates will be opening up at 2 p.m.