See You Next Summer K-1 Kampers! | Kanakuk Kamps
See You Next Summer K-1 Kampers!

What a summer! It feels like we blinked and all of a sudden it is all over. But that is biblical because this life is just a mere breath compared to eternity, and eternity is what K-1 is all about. Living with the Lord and the end in mind! The highlights seem endless; all the parties, K-Life, Crosswalk, Sunday Fundays, Tournament Tuesdays (don't forget wonderful Wednesdays either), Night offs in Kamp, dancing on the dock (the list really doesn't end)! But we will have a KSPN Top 10 for the summer for activities:

10. Klinics

9. Treehouse

8. The food

7. Archery

6. Party barn

5. Dock insanity

4. Zipline

3. Parties

2. K-Life

1. Trips

We are so thankful for the time the Lord has blessed us with this summer. However, we have no reason to be sad, or become depressed because we have the incredible opportunity to come back and see you all (or y'all for all you Texas folks) next summer. Kamp will be missed, but soon we will return to the beautiful Ozarks and we can't wait to see you then!