Coming to a close! | Kanakuk Kamps
Coming to a close!

As we near the closing family K-life tonight, and as closing ceremonies will conclude kamp tomorrow, we must first recognize just how important this weekend is! The Friday of family K-life is a pivotal day for all kampers because it is the last day that they can work to achieve a K award. K awards are similar to scouting ranks in the fact that so many different skills are tested, and any K award shows a kamper has worked hard and been disciplined. K points determine K-awards, and also determine which tribe has won for the term!

But lets put all that aside! Lets talk about when the parentals arrive! The parents arrive around 6 pm to eat at the family picnic. Then after everyone is full, families typically take a tour of kamp then head to family K-life! Family K-life is one of the best opportunities for families to see what a K-life is like! IFamily K-life is also a wonderful time to come together as a family and worship together! Also, President of Kanakuk Kamps Joe White joins us at family K-life and always has a special presentation for K-1 families! So parents as you are heading this way for family K-life you have a lot to look forward to, BUT, there is also closing ceremonies on Saturday morning!

Closing ceremonies on Saturday morning is such an incredible time just like family K-life but it is filled with other awesome things like affirmation through different klinic awards, trip awards, and all sorts of other recognitions. Saturday morning also includes cabin awards which is very often a parents favorite time of the weekend. This cabin award time is such a cool time for parents to hear how their kampers have been and also for kampers to be affirmed and encouraged!

That is very quick sneak peak into a closing weekend, but nothing can beat experiencing it for yourself! We are always excited for parents to join us in worship, see their little nuggets again, and also share in affirming how God has gifted their children!