What is the deal?! | Kanakuk Kamps
What is the deal?!

Your kamper might have mentioned going on a Little Deal, Excellent Deal, or Big Deal trip at kamp this summer, leaving you confused as to what exactly they were talking about! These trips are for kampers who have been coming to kamp for multiple years or are the older kids at kamp! They get to leave kamp for the afternoon and have a blast doing something different than what the typical kamp day consists of! These special trips are something that many younger kampers look forward to!


There are a lot of different combinations of ages and years of kampers that get to go on Little Deal trip, but it basically consists of eleven to twelve year old month kampers who have attended kamp for three or four years. This trip just left today for an afternoon of caving and a trip to the Persimmon Blueberry Farm!


Excellent Deal is for fourteen-day kampers who are some of the oldest and most veteran kampers at K-1! This trip also just left today to go bowling and then make a stop at a local sno cone stand!


The oldest month Kuks and Komos at kamp get to go on the Big Deal trip! Although this trip hasn’t happened yet this term, past summers went to Silver Dollar City or White Water, watched a movie, made a stop at Sonic, and ate dinner outside of kamp!


Since many of these older kampers will be moving on from K-1 to K-2 next summer, they also had the awesome opportunity to go on a trip called K-2 Event! They loaded up a bus and went out to K-2 in Lampe where they faced fears to complete the ropes course and had the chance to jet-ski, tube, and blob out on Table Rock Lake! Being inside the gates at K-1 is always a ton of fun, but nothing compares to going on trips with brother and sister cabins outside of kamp! If you have kampers that get to go on one of these awesome trips, be sure to ask them about it when they get back home!