Why Tradition, Tribals, and K-1 go hand in hand! | Kanakuk Kamps
Why Tradition, Tribals, and K-1 go hand in hand!

Yesterday was an important day on Kanakuk Hill. This day gave a girl a sister, and joined a boy with a brother. This connection is unlike any other at kamp (other than one with Jesus!) This tradition may seem unimportant, but when it comes to competition, it seems as though the weight of the world is on the shoulders of the competitors!


For the girls the tribes are split between the Kiowas and Kickapoos! The Kiowas own the colors of red and white, while the kickapoos rock the blue and yellow! These sisterhoods have been around since Uncle Bill Lantz created Kanakomo Kamp. Girls compete the entire term in many different activities and sports including, hop scotch, ping pong, washers, volleyball, basketball, warball, waterpolo, and kickball!


The boy tribes are split into Choctaws and Cherokees and have the respective colors of blue and red. The boys don’t have two colors like the komos because they just care less about the color and more about the competition. That being said the boys compete in everything. Whether that be warball, basketball, soccer, tetherball, or even who can brush teeth the fastest (just kidding mothers!) But it seems as though everything can be competed for!


This competition is not just about a winner and loser, although that in itself can come with many lessons, there is more to it. In every competition there are also spirit points given away. So encouragement is encouraged, and those points are just as important as winning or losing.

At the end of the term a winner is declared at the final flag raising. At this time the chief of the winning team raises their teams colors and heritage to the top. Most kampers will always remember their legacy and how many years their tribe conquered kanakuk hill! But for everyone it is a great opportunity to learn how to compete, how to encourage, and most importantly how to be like Christ through it all.