This is crosswalk, not crosstalk | Kanakuk Kamps
This is crosswalk, not crosstalk

Why do you send your kids to kamp? There are plenty of good reasons and answers to that question! However at kamp we have one goal in everything we do, glorify the Lord in all of our actions, words, and deeds. K-1 wouldn’t be K-1 without Jesus.


For the most part no two weeks is the same at kamp. That keeps things fun, activities fresh, and the kampers on their toes (it also makes it harder for us to keep you updated with what your kamper is doing!) However, there is one night at K-1 every two weeks that will never change. That night is Crosswalk. This night will never change because the cross will not change; the price has already been paid. 


This presentation of the gospel is the single most influential and powerful night at kamp! This night is basic, but it is also interactive and creative. It is similar to a Stations of the Cross presentation, but at a kamper age level! It is the gospel, and that in itself is powerful. Kampers will see a live portrayal of Judas denying Jesus, Jesus on trial with outsiders yelling “crucify Him!” and Jesus being beaten as He is taken away. It doesn’t stop here though. They will see Jesus put on the cross with the weight of our sins and dying for us then rising again, giving us life eternally and freedom from our bondage to sin! Kampers will also have the opportunity to write something on a rock that they are struggling with and place it at the foot of the cross before heading back to their cabins. This night really helps kampers understand the significance of the cross! 


For parents that are reading this, now you know that tonight is the night. Tonight is the night that we hope you will pray for salvation, stirring of hearts, and conviction. This night is huge when it comes to dedications to a life with Christ, better yet a walk with Christ.Not only do kampers walk along and watch the re-inactions, they are also challenged to consider their walk with the Lord! This is why we call it Crosswalk, not Crosstalk.