S'More Fun! K-1 TRIP! | Kanakuk Kamps
S'More Fun! K-1 TRIP!

Today many kampers arrived back at kamp after three days out on Table Rock Lake with fresh tans and brighter smiles! They returned from one of the four different trip sites: Wilderness, Island, Boulder Beach, and White Water. Month kampers go out on trip for two nights while two-week kampers only spend one night away from kamp. Some of the older Kuk and Komo cabins get to go on the White Water trip, which is a two-day, 23-mile canoe trip down the North Fork of the White River. They camp at River of Life Farms along the way and really enjoy the opportunity to spend time outdoors, improve their canoe skills, and have fun with their friends!

The other trips consist of having a blast on the lake tubing, wakeboarding, water-skiing, and bluff jumping! While at the kamp sites, the trip men cook up their famous meals that have become one of the most loved and frequently talked about parts of trip! Trip just wouldn’t be the same without sloppy joes for dinner and breakfast burritos after the sun rises! The first night always ends with s’mores around the campfire and a devotional led by the trip men. It’s a full day of sun and laughter, so falling asleep never seems to be an issue!

Trip is not only a time to get away from kamp and have even more fun, but also an awesome way to challenge kids to overcome fears and trust in the Lord while building and strengthening friendships! Since cabins go on trip with another cabin, it is also a great opportunity to make friends and spend time with kampers other than their cabin mates. Meanwhile, counselors and kampers encourage one another to try new things like bluff jumping or wakeboarding to gain experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime!