Chicken Letters! You've got mail! | Kanakuk Kamps
Chicken Letters! You've got mail!

Of the several Sunday traditions here at K-1, one of everyone’s favorites are chicken letters! Chicken letters are quick notes that kampers write and mail home to their parents, friends, grandparents, or whoever they feel like writing to let them know how kamp is going. In order to gain entrance to the dining hall for lunch (featuring the famous Sunday chicken), kampers must turn in a letter - thus the name!


Today was special since it is also Father’s Day. Many kampers took this opportunity to send their Dad a “Happy Father’s Day!” from kamp! Since this is not always true, chicken letters are typically an opportunity to simply show their loved ones appreciation and keep them up to date on the fun things they have been up to here at K-1!


Although you should be expecting a letter in the mail from your kamper, don’t get worried if you do not. Some letters get addressed wrong or your kamper may have chosen to write someone else. Whether you receive a letter or not, know your kamper was thinking about you today!