Honor Cabin: Honoring more than just the cabin | Kanakuk Kamps
Honor Cabin: Honoring more than just the cabin

Do you make your bed every day? Better question: should you make your bed every day but you choose not to?! As the end of the term is approaching there are points to be added for tribal competitions, k-work points, and all sorts of other activities and festivities that the kampers have been working on. Today however, is the last day of the cabin competition called Honor Cabin. Although tribal competitions and k-work points are both important, this competition might be one of the most important lessons and habits taught while at K-1.


Each day cabins set aside their tribal differences and top and bottom bunk rivalry to join together as a cabin to clean their temporary homes. This is an excellent time to learn more than just how to make a bed, sweep the floor, or hang up soggy or sweaty clothes! This time is an incredible opportunity to work on teamwork, teach responsibility, and instill respect for what the Lord has blessed us with (Proverbs 3:9).


Honor Cabin winners are honored with a pizza and pool party at the beautiful Kanakuk K-Kauai. What could be better than learning respectful habits, and being rewarded for hard work and teamwork?!Be looking out for pictures of the celebration, but more importantly look forward to your kamper coming home with great habits that honor the Lord!