But What If It Rains?! | Kanakuk Kamps
But What If It Rains?!

K-West is foundationally based on outdoor activities in the sunshine. Whether at the lake, the pool, or the sports fields, we soak in a lot of Vitamin D and it is FUN! But, what happens when the skies open and the summer thunderstorms come? Does the fun stop? NO! The fun continues. The creativity behind the fun just increases! This summer, we have seen a few rainy days, but there is no need to worry because the fun has not stopped. It has only continued to grow stronger! When the rain comes down, we typically gather everyone together in the gym and based on how long the rain will last, we have a game plan set. With a wide variety of what the rain has looked like in the past few weeks, whether long or short, we have done a bunch of different things. Here are a few examples:

One day, the rain came down but it wasn’t supposed to last for too long, so everyone gathered in the indoor gym called the Korral and we all started playing games. The first game was a game that split everyone into four groups. The entire room was given a word like ‘love’ and each group had to come up with a song that had that word in it. One group starts and then each one goes around in a circle again and again singing a portion of a song with that word in it. When a group repeats a song or cannot think of a song, they are disqualified. The last group standing takes the victory! Kampers were hugely invested in this game! For the word ‘love’, we probably went around the circle over thirty times, singing songs like “Jesus Loves Me”, “L.O.V.E.”, and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King. We were thoroughly impressed by all the creativity. A few weeks ago, this game ended up feeding into a kamp-wide dance battle, which was also totally incredible! Once the rain has stopped, we are ready to get back to playing outside at the dock, the fields, and everywhere in between!

Another fun rainy-day activity is called Trading Spaces. For this game, cabins are each given a theme such as Circus or Under the Sea and are given an allotted amount of time to go back to their cabins and bring their theme to life! Using party costumes or random items they brought to kamp, kampers decorate the cabin and dress up themselves too. Then, in an interactive showing, judges enter each cabin and kampers provide some sort of tour through the cabin. Through the forts and the décor, kampers walk the judges through the new world they have created within their cabin doors. The judges choose a winner at the next meal and they are typically provided with some sort of prize, like ice cream! This is yet another fun example of ways that we can still have a boatload of fun even when the skies are trying to dampen our mood! For these examples and more, sometimes the rainy days become some of the most memorable! There is something unique and fun about all of kamp getting together to play fun games or a cabin hiding out from the storm together creating a new world in their cabin. We love our normal schedules and the sunshine, but when the rain comes, we are ready to make the most of it!