Party on the Prairie! | Kanakuk Kamps
Party on the Prairie!

The Party on the Prairie is a K-West tradition! In western fashion, each summer there is a party that is western themed and consists of a lot of two-stepping and line dancing. This year, the fun has grown to make the party begin in the early afternoon. Kampers transition, as either farmers or cowboys and cowgirls, from station to station where they get to learn to two-step, to do some line dances, and they get to play milk tag, which is a game of kampers chasing counselors that are dressed as 1%, 2%, skim or chocolate milk. It’s hilarious and fun! 

As the day progresses, the kampers go back to their cabins to shower and get on their costumes. Costumes tend to consist of a lot of overalls, bandanas, cowboy boots and hats, and, for the girls, pigtail braids. As a fan-favorite meal, we have chicken, rolls, salad, and cobbler with ice cream! With full bellies, kampers are paired up and enter the dance floor arm in arm. 

With a full night of dancing and laughter and breaks spent at the watermelon and root beer stations, kampers leave the party with lots of memories and stories to tell! This party is a K-West classic and the simplicity of it makes it so fun and sentimental each summer. Term 2’s Party on the Prairie took place the other night and it is still being talked about. For many kampers, this is their favorite party of kamp. More updates to come soon!