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Experience the Adventure

Let us tell you about the Kanakuk Experience! Our motto here at Kanakuk is: An Exciting Adventure in Christian Athletics. Here is what that means to us!

• A staff that encourages our kampers in any way possible
• A staff that is enthusiastically engaged in every event
• A staff in pursuit of excellence in all areas
• A staff that loves and listens unconditionally
• Challenges that build courage
• Achievements that build confidence
• Relationships that build camaraderie
• Spiritual endeavors that build character
• Role Modeling for every observer
• Plan of Salvation for every seeker
• Discipleship for every believer
• Faith training for every kamper
• Mind - skills that increase ability
• Body - strength that increases performance
• Soul - sportsmanship that increases enjoyment
• Spirit - passion that increases commitment

A new exciting adventure we’ve added this summer at Kanakuk K-West is a Zipline! We are so excited to share this thrilling new adventure with our Kampers! Our Zipline is over 700 ft. long and is operated by our wonderful and highly trained High Elements team! Although the Zipline is not an available class to sign up for, it’s our goal to get as many kampers down the Zipline to experience this thrilling ride.

We want every kid in America to get to experience Kanakuk! If you have any questions, or would like to join in our mission you can find more information at here.