K-Life #Allin | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Life #Allin

Ain’t no party like a K-Life party, cause the K-Life party don’t stop, What?!  When we’re not having a party, campfire, or other evening activities, we’re having K-Life.  K-Life starts out super hype with music, dancing, games, and skits.  Our programs team (Stu, Jake, and Emily) keeps us laughing and highly entertained.  You never know what costume they’ll come out wearing! K-Life is always a blast!

Kampers love the super hype fun element of K-Life, but they really love when we transition into a time of worship.  God has richly blessed our Kanakuk K-West staff with gifted worship leaders who lead kampers with a true heart for worship.  It’s incredible to hear the voices of middle school students lifting up their voices to the Lord; the presence of the Lord is so evident! After a time of singing, kampers get the privilege to hear one of our directors or leadership guys speak.  Kampers are challenged by the truth of God’s word to be #Allin. 

Kampers attend K-Life four times during a 14-night term and twice during a 7-night term.  K-Life one focuses on our personal brokenness and need for a Savior.  We can’t be #Allin until we surrender our lives to Christ.  Without Christ, we’re “All Out.”  Our heart at Kanakuk K-West is that kampers would leave knowing how much God loves them and that God desires a personal relationship with them.  We will always preach the gospel in this place, because the gospel changes everything.