2 Week Recap | Kanakuk Kamps
2 Week Recap

Here at Kanakuk K-West we host 2-week kampers and a few 1-week cabins.  Earlier this summer we gave you a glimpse into week 1 of a 2 week term--check it out here. Here's a glimpse into week 2 of a two-week term. 

At kamp, our weeks run Saturday to Saturday (and boy do they fly by!). On Saturday morning we say goodbye to our first set of one-week cabins.  Closing ceremonies are held at the tribal ring.  Kampers are reunited with their families, given a character quality award and other awards. It's always sad to see them go, one week goes by too quickly! Meanwhile the regular kamp schedule is in tact for our two-week kampers--to them it's just another great day at kamp!

After we say goodbye, it's time to clean up the cabins and prepare for new kampers! We love new kampers! Gates open at 2 O'clock for new kampers.  Kampers check in, get announced, meet their counselors, grab a snow cone, and move into their new cabins (two-week cabins are still enjoying their regular schedule). We kick off our new kampers term with a cookout and then it's off to K-Life with all kamp!

The next day (Sunday) is Man Day and Girl Day--a favorite of kampers!  Kampers get to sleep in, then it's a full day of awesome manly man activities for the boys and girly girl activities for the girls! I don't want to give too many details away, but check out the pictures below for a sneak peek! 

The next day (Monday) is a regular day of classes, activities, and specialties! Later that night our neighbor and the President of Kanakuk Kamps, Dr. Joe White, comes over to do a purity talk.  

The next day is a "K-West Sunday."  If you know anything about Sundays at kamp, you know we kick it off with coffee cake! After coffee cake, it's time for church! Dr. Joe White is back with us to share his I'm Third talk and give the term's chiefs and princesses an opportunity to talk.  After church it's time for FCA huddle groups, free time, and lunch (FRIED CHICKEN!). After an extended FOB rest period, it's time for character kamp. 

Kanakuk has implemented an endeavor where every age of Kamper gets a specific character quality implemented into their think tanks while at kamp. Since we are filled with 12-14 year olds, our qualities are teamwork, selflessness and faithfulness. Here's a glimpse at our 12 year olds working on teamwork! The night ends with our Madagascar Monsoon party! (check our twitter to see an awesome pic, Madagascar Monsoon )

On Wednesday, it's back to a normal day at kamp! Classes, FOB, more classes, life-changing experiences, and K-Life to top it off! Our Dock Daddy, Weston challenges kampers to be #Allin no matter the trials or hardships they may face at home.  

On Thursday, we combine 12 months into one jam packed awesome holiday party! This is the last regular full day of kamp. Kampers wake up to MLK's "I have a dream" speech and end the day with a Christmas and New Years party! 

And Friday is Parents Day! Kampers have a normal kamp schedule through lunch, then it's time to pack and prep to see parents!  It is so fun watching families be reunited with their kampers.  Kampers put on specialty shows then head to showers while Dr. Joe White speaks to parents.  Then it's time for our family picnic and bunkhouse awards.  The night ends with family vespers!

Saturday morning is closing ceremonies.  During closing ceremonies, specialty awards, division awards, and the I'm Third award are presented to kampers.  The morning ends with the announcement of which tribes won competition.  It's always hard to say goodbye to kampers and for kampers to say goodbye to kamp.  These really are the best two weeks of the year for a kid! 

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