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Beyond the Bunkhouse

Welcome to our new blog! This is a way for Kwest to share about life "Beyond the Bunkhouse"and keep up with all of the close friendships we have developed over the summer. The only tough days for me at Kanakuk are when I see my friends leaving to walk out the gate. Now we have a way to live life a little closer even though we have moved out of our bunkhouses and headed home. Kwest has always been known for it's "family" feel. Coming together is important to me. We are family at Kwest. A good family will take time to share what's been happening, what's important, and what we have to look forward to that's just around the corner. We will also invite new friends to join our times together as well, just like any good family would do. The picture I posted above is from our 6th term Cross Talk night. It is an awesome reminder of how great the summer of 2008 was for all of us. My hope is that you will be encouraged, informed, and stay connected with us as we come together at the foot of the cross.

Taking time for family,