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Kanakuk Devotional Series

We hope that all of our Kampers leave Kanakuk feeling Fully Charged this summer. It's been incredible to see how motivated so many of them are to transform their schools and communities for the cause of Christ! 

Even though K-Seven only lasts a week, we want to equip our Kampers to live out their lives for Christ 365 days a year. That is the heart behind our devotional series. Each summer, every Kamper will receive a new devotional book to work on during the school year. Every devotional is applicable to their age, challenging Kampers to grow their faith and abide in the truth. There is a checkpoint after every month in which they have the opportunity to check in with a director and be encouraged!

This is a great reminder of what was learned at Kanakuk! 

Kampers receive recognition for completing the entire devotional book during the school year.