Goodbye Summer | Kanakuk Kamps
Goodbye Summer

This summer at K-Seven is one that we will never forget! The weather was cooler than it has ever been, the Foam was higher, the beards were longer, K-Life was krunker, the Talent Show was never ending, the Aqua Mats appeared, the Neon lit up all of Kamp...but most of all we got to see lives changed, hearts won over, struggles overcome, baggage left and kids come to Christ! That is what K-Seven is all about, and that is what made this summer so wonderful! 

We were blessed with a fantastic staff this summer! We had lots of fresh faces and many newcomers to our Leadership staff, but that only helped to keep the momentum going from start to finish. As we close out the summer tomorrow the kiddos will head home and so will our staff, some who have been here for 5 weeks and others that have been here for almost 14! 

Summer may be coming to a close but we have to make sure we don't forget all the Lord has taught us. 2 Timothy was a great book to study inductively this summer because Paul's words say it best; the entrusted have to entrust to others the word of God, so that in these end times we don't lost heart. Go home encouraged, you have fought the good fight and finished the race, kampers and kounselors, now its time to get busy preaching what you learned this summer. Actions speak louder than words and the only way we as Christians are going to make an impact in the world is to show the world that there is something greater to live for and His name is Jesus Christ! In the world you will have tribulation...take heart, for I have overcome the world -John 16:33

Are you ALL IN?! Live it ALL the time!