Michael W Smith | Kanakuk Kamps
Michael W Smith

This week at K-Seven, we had a special celebrity guest appearance. From our blog post the other day, we know you have been awaiting this identity reveal, and we are happy to announce that this celebrity was Michael W Smith! Smitty as he has come to be known as, here on Kanakuk-hill, has been providing Kanakuk Kamps with theme songs of the summer, for several years. Since 1986, some of the most successful Christian artists have written theme songs for Kanakuk and Michael has been among them, if not the main one. From the hits, Worth it All, Straight to the Heart, Highroad, Dare to Dream, and many others including this summers ALL IN theme, these songs have helped bring to mind some of the greatest memories experienced here at Kamp.

 Since the beginning of his career Michael W Smith has had a heart for Kanakuk and in turn our heart has gone out to him as well. The Kampers as well as the Kounselors love attending the outdoor concerts, where the energy is hype and the sweat come pouring out by the gallons. Michael has remained a faithful disciple of the Lord in his career and it has been such a blessing for Kanakuk to have such an incredible relationship with him. It’s always a treat to have him here once a summer and we are so thankful that Term 9 got to enjoy this special blessing with us!  

 Heres a fun fact, Smitty even has a cabin out here in Lampe that was especially built for him and his family, by the owner of Kanakuk, Joe White, for when they come and stay.