Reporting Live From The Lampe Olympics | Kanakuk Kamps
Reporting Live From The Lampe Olympics

Shooter and Scooter trained all the Kampers for the Olympics, Lampe style! From 50 yard dashes, javelin throws, hurdles, mattress races, most extreme challenges in the pool, to hop scotch, the Kampers couldn't have gotten better training if they had been at the actual Olympic trials. While these skills may not be useful anywhere else but Lampe Missouri, we sure had a fun day! 

The Climb: no not the Miley Cyrus song, but a challenge where the Kampers put their upper body strength to the test. Can they make it all the way around the box, using only the handhelds?!

The Aqua Rings: They may look like your average monkey bars, but don't be deceived, these bars are not only wet but they also swing!  

Skyscraper: It's a bird, it's a plane, nope its just the Kuks mastering some EXTREME challenges!

Pants on the ground: I'm sure you know from experience just how difficult it is to put on a pair of overalls. Well these boys not only put the overalls on but they also had to take them off and have someone else put them on all before the other team beat them. Talk about a challenge! 

Below: Gross, what is that ball in the mud pool?! You will just have to ask your Kampers to find out...