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Days Of Creation With Keith Chancey

It was so fun to hear Bible class today because Gen. 1:1 says On the first day-God separated the light from the darkness, second day-God separated the waters above the expanse from the waters below the expanse, third day-God made land, trees and seas, fourth day-God made the sun, moon, start, and the 4 seasons, day five-God created the birds that fly and the fish of the sea, day 6-God made the animals that crawl and God made man, then on the seventh day He rested, not because He was tired but because it was complete. The word "day" comes from the Hebrew word “yom,” which means a literal 24 hour period.  In the view of creation, it’s exciting to note it didn’t take God millions of years, it just took him 6 days to do what he did.