Most EXTREME Carnival | Kanakuk Kamps
Most EXTREME Carnival

Tonight marks the 2nd Most EXTREME Carnival of 2012! Some would say Carnivals are only for small children, but to them I would say you are sadly mistaken. 

Here at K-Seven our Carnival contains a wide range of games for all ages: football toss, mini golf, bean bag toss, a dunk tank, nerf gun shoot out, photo booth, 3-legged-race, the lucky duck pond, dum dum guessing game, tooth knock out, Lion rings, toilet paper toss, fishing games, balloon dart throw, face painting and many more! Along with these games, Kampers will also be chosen at random to participate in Minute To Win It games. The winners will get the opportunity to Pie their Kounselor in the face! I mean what can be better than shoving a pie into your Kounselors face? They love it! Winning the Minute To Win It games is not the only opportunity the Kampers have to make it to the Pie In The Face Booth. If a kid receives 15 tally marks on their hand from playing any of our Carnival games, they too can pie their Kounselor in the face! 

The fun is never ending here at the Most EXTREME Carnival, and let me just say, an EXTREME amount of fun will be had tonight! Let the countdown begin because the Big Tent will open in a few short hours.