Lampe's Got Talent | Kanakuk Kamps
Lampe's Got Talent

Last night we had our first "Lampe's Got Talent" show of the summer! Let me just say, we have quite the gifted bunch here at K-Seven, term 1! We love giving the Kamper's the opportunity to display their individual gifts the Lord has blessed them with. One of the most encouraging parts of our show is witnessing the support system coming from the kids! Every Kamper feels like a superstar from the minute they step on that stage until the "ooooh haaa's" at the end of the act. Whether it's rushing the stage during a Justin Bieber song, clapping to the beat along with a singer, or cheering on a tumbler, the Kampers are never lacking in energy. When the Spirit of the Lord is covering a place like Kanakuk, it's incredible to see what can happen!

Acts in our show include: singing, dancing, scripture reading, hula hooping, break dancing, skits, jokes, magic tricks, impersonations, poetry readings, tumbling, dramatic readings, rapping, double jointed body parts, juggling and even unicycling. No talent is too small for "Lampe's Got Talent"! If you think your gift is unique, we want to see it. It's common to get nervous when performing in front of peers, but we encourage the Kampers to recite Philippians 4:13, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." With God on your side, what we believe to be impossible, suddenly becomes possible. God is so good!

K-Seven is ecstatic about the talent headed to Lampe this summer! Our hopes are high, and we know we won't be disappointed.