What is Karnival?! | Kanakuk Kamps
What is Karnival?!
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Have you been wondering what Karnival is?! Here is your answer! Karnival is a long-standing tradition at K-2, where the girls compete as tribes to put on a Karnival for the guys side of Kamp!

Karnival includes lots of preparation of carnival booths with games and prizes along with a dance routine, which includes the entire tribe!


The girls spend time painting booth backdrops, learning dances and creating prizes!

Kiowas set up their booths on one side of the tennis courts, while Kickapoos set up on the other! The guys take turns going from booth to booth to enjoy the different games and win prizes! Also, if they are lucky they may receive a free side hug as well!

Finally, the night ends with each tribe preforming a dance for everyone!