K-1 Trips 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Trips 2016

Sleeping under the stars, conquering fears on the bluff jump, bouncing around on the tube, learning how to water ski, and roasting s'mores  around the campfire are just a handful of the amazing opportunities that are provided for every camper to experience while out on a K-1 trip! These trips are led by the popular Tripmen. Not only are they leading the charge in all the adventures, but they also cook some of the best food that Kanakuk Kamps has to offer. For breakfast, Kampers get excited for the cheesiest breakfast burritos that will melt in your mouth, but let's not forget about the oh-so-popular Sloppy Joe’s with the sweet and spicy beans. You gotta get them Ranger style! While trips at K-1 provide campers with awesome opportunities to experience activities they may have never gotten to do before, the greatest thing that a trip provides is the amazing blessing to be outside in God’s marvelous creation. Along with being in God’s creation, trip gives Kampers a unique opportunity to step away from the fast-paced day-to-day life at K-1 and spend quality time with fellow cabin mates and counselors. These are memories that they won’t forget and the time where we see God doing amazing work in your Kamper's life. Our goal for trip is for kids to not only have the time of their life trying new things and conquering fears, but also to give the Kampers an opportunity to see and experience God.


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