K-1 Stunt 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Stunt 2016

Stunt is a long time tradition at K-1! It is a production put on the girl's side as a competition by the Kiowas and Kickapoos! The Princesses the tribes work on writing the script during the year, and then they have 2 days in Kamp to put together the production! They are judged based on their theme, set design, projection, timing, audience reaction, dances, and finale.


The purpose of Stunt is to present the message of Jesus in a fun play. The time of Stunt builds tribal unity and individual self esteem by working together to put on an incredible performance for all of Kamp to watch. The girls make their costumes, choreograph dances, and learn lines for the show. It is a picture of the body of Christ because all Kampers have to work together in order to make the best production.


For this term, the Kiowa’s Stunt was called “Disney Dreams.” Their theme was about the importance of finding our identity and worth in Christ alone. The Kickapoo’s presented a rendition of “The Polar Express.” Their theme was about having faith in God even though we can’t see Him and the importance to share the gospel with others. Both performances showed us increible picture of the Lord and His love. 


The girls put in a lot of work and did an incredible job! It is awesome to see their productions come to life! We are so proud of our girls!


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