Joe White Speaks at Kanakuk Neighborhood Chapel | Kanakuk Kamps
Joe White Speaks at Kanakuk Neighborhood Chapel

Last week Joe White, President of Kanakuk Ministries and K-2 Director, spoke at our neighborhood chapel. 


Joe talked about how we have nothing to fear in life because Jesus has gone before us. Jesus came down to Earth and lived the life that we couldn't, died the death that we deserve, and was raised from the dead so that death no longer has authority in the life of believers. Jesus has provided us with the ultimate security, spending eternity in heaven with Him. All that is required of us to have this is making Jesus the Lord and Savior of our lives. 


Knowing this, Christians have nothing to fear. No matter what happens, we will get to spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven. That's great news!


To hear full audio of Joe's chapel talk, click here.