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Tips for Writing Kampers

Kanakuk Kamps Staff

Writing Kids

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Tip #1

Get parents involved and keep them in the loop (Postcards and E-Mails)


We strongly encourage you to get the parents involved and communicate with them first. Getting parents involved in your encouragement of their child is a positive thing. All parents want to know who is communicating with their child and what is being communicated. Here are some ways you can get parents involved:

  • Use Postcards: A postcard allows parents to see what you are writing and encourages them to be a part of the process. If you are sending a letter in an envelope, address it to the parents.
  • Write the Parents: Consider writing your Kamper through the parents. This will allow the parents to get to know you better.
  • Copy E-Mails: When writing an email to a Kamper, copy the parents on the same emails so they can be aware of what is being communicated. 

If a parent does not want you to communicate with their child, you must respect their wishes. 


Tip #2

Use appropriate language. 


Use genuine, positive and encouraging comments. Keep details of your personal life to a minimum. What may seem like appropriate language to you can sometimes give the wrong impression to parents or Kampers. Consider what you say, and how you say it through the eyes of parents who may not know you. Here are some examples of appropriate and inappropriate language in your letter writing:

  • Appropriate Language: I am so proud of you. Keep running hard after Jesus. Stay in God's Word.
  • Inappropriate Language: I love you. I am crazy without you. I need more of you in my life. I can't wait to hug your neck. I think about you all the time. 

Tip #3

Know your role. 


Your role is to encourage Kampers and continue to point them to Christ. Your words are powerful, so use your "role-model" platform to encourage Kampers in their pursuit of Jesus. Be their Barnabas!